Terms & Conditions

By commission Made by Mercury, you are agreeing to the following terms & conditions.


A deposit is required before your place in the queue is secured. This payment is non-refundable, and will be required within 7 days of your project being accepted. The remainder of the cost will then be required before the project is started. The deposit will vary or full payment may be required depending on the item ordered. Generally, costumes require a 30% deposit, kigurumis require a 50% deposit, and small parts require full payment upfront.

Payment can be accepted through Paypal or direct bank transfer.


The deadline is to be decided before work has begun between the customer and myself. Once this has been decided no changes can be made by the customer. If you require a rush order I have the right to charge the appropriate fees to compensate for this. However, please bear in mind that deadlines and NOT guaranteed under any circumstances. If I feel the quality of the work will be compromised to meet the deadline, I reserve the right to miss the projected date of completion to give my customers the highest quality product possible.


Once you have received the suit there will be a 30 day warranty. This means that if for some reason something breaks or a seam pops I will happily fix it for free until the 30 days have passed. After that period I will require a fee charged by the hour plus material costs. You will also be responsible for postage costs.

However, if I suspect the suit has been modified in any way it will be sent straight back and the warranty will be void.

Please wash your costume or kigurumi before returning it to be fixed as it will get your repairs done much quicker. Not washing the suit before sending will incur an added cost.

Shipping and extra fees

The buyer is responsible for all shipping costs which are to be paid with the final payment.

I am not responsible for any customs or VAT charges that are added once delivered. Please make sure you look these up before ordering, especially if ordering from outside the UK.

Cancelling and ordering commissions

I have the right to decline any commission request for whatever reason I see fit. This includes requesting me to make copyrighted characters. I also have the right to cancel any commission if the customer is rude, offensive or unreasonable.

If you wish to cancel your commission, that is fine and your money will be returned dependent on how much work has been completed but the deposit will not.

In the case of non-replying clients, if no response is received from the customer within one month of contact being made without a reason being given beforehand, the project will be considered abandoned and will be altered and resold. The deposit will not be returned in this case.

If ordering a fullsuit, a duct tape dummy will be required. This is non-negotiable.

By ordering a commission from Made By Mercury, you are confirming that you are over the age of 18. Unfortunately I cannot accept orders from those under 18.


Only the highest quality materials will be used. Do not ask for a lower cost by using lower quality materials.

As mentioned above, I will not make copyrighted characters.

Works in progress are subject only to a reasonable amount of edits before an extra fee will be charged. Please ensure your reference art is accurate and that any alterations or specific details are discussed during the initial communication.

The customer must also be aware of any items in my queue and that a very minimal amount of work will be carried out until it is your turn in the queue.